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Designing Singapore’s Bird Paradise

At the core of the design is the commitment to immersion in Singapore's new Bird Paradise. Each aviary is crafted to be a microcosm, blending thematic elements and interactive features to create a captivating experience.

From strategic signage placement to the careful selection of materials mirroring natural habitats, every detail is orchestrated for an immersive journey, making sure that it's an environment that sparks a deep appreciation for the beauty of our feathered companions.
Project details Bird Paradise, Mandai SingaporeDesign concept and schematic, 2019 – 2020

Laying the foundation: Defining the identity of each aviary

The diverse worlds from which the birds hail become the driving force behind each aviary's visual identity. To translate this inspiration into a tangible and immersive experience, we introduced a distinct swatch and pattern that would extend across all elements, from the architecture to the text panels, within each zone. 
︎︎︎ Some of the designs might have been updated or changed after

Setting the tone with thematic signages

Our approach to thematic signages was not only to inform but to weave a narrative, and to captivate and excite the visitors right from the entrance. These thematic signages stand as more than mere guides; each signage serves as a prologue, introducing the unique worlds to be unfolded within the aviary. 
︎︎︎ There were a total of 10 zones, and these were some of the design concepts I worked on, in 2D sketch

Content structure and mondular panel design

There is so much information for the visitors to explore and discover! Hence, there was a need to break down the content into digestable amounts for both adults and children. The content is structured into these categories:

  • About the zone
  • Bird – Family, star birds, secondary birds
  • Flora – Family, star flora

This categorisation ensures that there will be different aspects of interest throughout the zone for the visitors to delve into, whether it be the avian residents or botanical wonders.

To heighten flexibility and adaptability, all information panels adhere to a modular size and layout. This design approach facilitates effortless interchangeability of the panels, ensuring a customizable solution for the curatorial team while also promoting long-term sustainability.

Furthermore, the information panels also adheres to the zone’s swatch and pattern. This assists visitors in understanding their location within the park but also contributes to a unified visual experience. 
︎︎︎ A set of interpretive of panels 

Beyond just an identity 

Navigating this delicate interplay of balancing grand concepts with minute details was a lesson in ensuring a cohesive design language that transcends every corner of the park, offering an immersive experience accessible to all who explore the avian haven.

The upcoming section will further explore spaces designed with the same principles and language, exemplifying the concepts that define the essence of the design philosophy.

Extending the design principle to transition spaces between aviaries

To be continued in due time...